Anti-Spam Policies -

We commit that we shall not send you any unsolicited emails/sms or other communications other than those described on our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. We shall not share, sell or rent your details to any other companies or third parties. You have the option of subscribing or unsubscribing to our monthly newsletters using your 'Profile Details' page.

All our members are expected to conduct their accounts without spamming our partner merchants or members of public. If we get complaints from our partner merchants about members who are spamming them in any way, we will terminate the offending members' account immediately.

If it is brought to our attention that any of our members is sending unsolicited emails or spamming in any way regarding our partner merchants or anything about CouponBaazar (its services/contest/policies), we will take this seriously and investigate the issue, which may lead to suspension of the relevant members account or a complete ban of that member from our entire network of websites and cancellation of all cashback/commission that is earned by the respective user or partner member.

All our members should read the policies and terms repective of (website or app usage/contest/partner program) before reaching out to us, in case if we found our member/user/partner commenting false things and not following to the terms and conditions, he/she may be terminated and banned from all our social media handles without further notice in any way.