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What is CouponBaazar and How it works? is India's largest Cashback and coupons and offers website. It helps you save on all your regular purchases across 1500+ shopping websites. Earning Cashback is simple, just login to CouponBaazar, search for your favourite retailer or click on a offer/coupon you like & shop normally at the retailer’s website. (If don't have an account, Login/Register option is present at top right corner)

What is CB Cashback rewards?

Along with discount coupons/offers of online shopping retailers that are listed on CouponBaazar, we also give you an option of earning additional cashback on your online purchases.For this you have Login to CouponBaazar & search for the retailer you want to shop at or click on offer/coupon listed on CB. Also On CouponBaazar store page click on a offer/coupon you like. This will send you to the retailer's site where you can shop like you always do. You will get your Cashback within 10 Minutes to 72 Hours depending on the retailer you shop at. Once cashback is confirmed you can transfer this Cashback to your Bank Account via UPI or redeem it as an Amazon / Flipkart Gift Cards.

Can I get Cashback along with coupons/offer on CB?

Yes, for many of our retailers we have Cashback offers and coupons. Most retailers pay the same Cashback if you use a coupon code along with it. However, some retailers might pay lesser Cashback and some may not pay any Cashback at all if you use a coupon code. These terms are clearly stated on the retailer’s store page on so, please ensure to check the terms & conditions before shopping as cashback is mentioned on specific store page.

Where can I get the cashback rate of any store?

Cashback rates are mentioned on store specific page and also with Coupons/Offers listed on

How long does it take cashback to get confirmed?

Cashback process is such that we have to wait for the store/retailer to confirm to us that the purchase was not returned or exchanged. Merchants also use this time to validate and get approved that the sale has met conditions (like minimum purchase amount or product specific) for earning the cashback. However our team constantly work with retailer/store and usually it may take 4-8 weeks for a transaction to be confirmed for which you will be informed.

What is pending Cashback Rewards?

Pending Cashback Rewards are those that we have tracked as transactions via CouponBaazar after an user makes a purchase & have been acknowledged by retailers. However, since they are still chances of order get Returned or Cancellation before receiving so you cannot transfer or redeem them yet and are still under pending status with the exact amount of cashback rewards the user will receive once it is confirmed from retailers/store side and you can transfer.

What if cashback is cancelled?

If your cashback is cancelled by the retailer/store, your cashback amount for that transaction will be removed from your pending balance. The status of the transaction will be set to cancelled in your cashback activity page in dashboard.

I made a purchase but didn't received cashback?

If you have visited the retailer/store website via, and have made a purchase, please wait a little. It can take between 10 minutes to 48hours for retailers to track sales and update it into your account. In case your transaction was not tracked even after 48 hours please file a missing cashback from your dashboard or on our Facebook Page mentioning the transaction ID from your activity page. Please note, merchants accept claims for cashback not tracked cases only till 4th of the subsequent month from the purchase date.

How to ensure I get a Cashback?

These are a few things that you can be mindful of to ensure that your cashback tracks properly:
  1. Be logged into your account before purchase or enter your contact number during purchase (for not logged user)
  2. Ensure that you are shopping at a store that offers CB Cashback.
  3. When you click an offer/coupon or store, CouponBaazar will open a window linking you to that store. Please ensure that you transact in the opened window and do not refresh page.
  4. Please ensure that your shopping cart is empty in the shopping window. If it is not empty please clear the contents of your cart and visit the same store via CouponBaazar again.
  5. Do not use any price comparison or discount widgets while shopping.
  6. Purchase or order as you used to do earlier and cashback will be counted and updated into your account which usually takes 10min to 48 hours. Do not refresh the page

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